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I hope you enjoy this time of year as we officially head into the holiday season and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It is hard for me to believe that we are just weeks away from entering 2020! I still remember the fear of what Y2K was going to bring to us twenty years ago-LOL-and now here we are, a full generation later (in fact, some of you reading this probably have no idea what Y2K was-☺) and we just keep moving forward.

Sadly, I woke up recently to see that one of my wife Sandi and my classmates from West Orange High School back in 1979 passed away from a heart attack. It was a sober reminder that every day is a gift and a bigger reminder that sometimes all of us get so caught up in the stuff that seems "important" that we miss the beauty of each and every day as we race from this thing to the next.

I have been all over the place the past few weeks, while fighting off bronchitis with antibiotics, steroids, cough syrup and cough drops, just trying to survive. It's easy to get off track when you don't feel well and you have a thousand things to do-both at work and at home.

Luckily for me, I am married to a wonderful woman who helps restore balance to the force for me.

So last week, we finally got our new couch. This is the one we had planned to get back in the spring when we moved back into our remodeled house. That was before the tough journey with my father-in-law began.

Then, last weekend, while trying to get some home projects done and before getting ready to go to a wonderful birthday party, Sandi said, "Stop! Let's try out the new couch for real."

So she got on her side, the side with the chaise lounge, and I laid my head down on the opposite side of the couch and stretched out and before we knew it, we were both asleep! It was a beautiful thing and a reminder that it's ok to take time to just be.

I hope that in the craziness of the weeks ahead that you stop every now and then and take time for you. Maybe it's as simple as a nap, or a trip to a good movie or just a walk in the woods.

Whatever it is, do it. Do it for you and do it for the ones you love.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for Changing Lives Through Education and for being a part of our CTE Family. What you do for others is second to none-over the next few weeks, make sure to do some of that for yourself!

Have a great CTE Month, Mike.

It's the simple things....

Dr. Michael Armbruster 
Associate Superintendent
Career & Technical Education
Orange County Public Schools
OTC Hosts Department of Education Workforce Listening Tour Stop

Recently, the OTC - Mid Florida Campus was honored to host the Florida Department of Education's Workforce Education Listening Tour (Stop #3). As part of a more extensive state-wide "listening tour", and coordinated by the FLDOE, the local tour stop was designed to bring public awareness to the Federal Perkins V: Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, and its potential funding impacts on regional educational institutions. Read More.
CTE in the Community
     Building Construction Students Lend Hand at Animal Sanctuary

Lake County collaboration! Students from OCPS, Orange Technical College and Valencia College, in partnership with DPR Construction, volunteered at the Animal Preservation & Education Sanctuary - A.P.E.S in Leesburg, FL, to help build new animal enclosures for the animals who call this sanctuary home. The students comprise a mix of high school dual enrollment students, adult building construction students, and apprenticeship students all learning together with industry experts for a good cause. Read more.
Adult General Education Team Visits Families at OCPS ACE

The AGE (Adult General Education) district team, along with the OTC - Winter Park Campus team, recently spent the evening at the OCPS Academic Center for Excellence promoting OTC to the surrounding communities.

This was a great opportunity for OTC to interact with students and parents to discuss the many programs and opportunities that OTC offers. 
OTC Hosts NAF Career Awareness Expo for District Students

The OTC - Mid Florida Campus' Launch Site hosted the 2nd Annual NAF Career Awareness Expo for district students enrolled in our Information Technology and Engineering NAF academies. High school students from all over the county came and had an opportunity to meet and learn from local companies in the technology and engineering fields. Read more.
National Apprenticeship Week 2019: Registered Apprenticeship Showcase
 The 2019 Registered Apprenticeship Showcase was a HUGE success in celebration of #ApprenticeshipWeek across Orange County Public Schools! OTC brought 500 high school students together from our 20 high schools to be exposed to the many opportunities available through an apprenticeship! Read More.
For Students. Not Profit.
OTC Blog: Benefits of Working in the Healthcare Field

When you were younger, you might have spent hours daydreaming about what you would be when you grew up. Maybe you wanted to become a doctor, a lawyer or the president of the US. Now, you're getting to the point in your life when it's time to stop day dreaming and time to start making your career plans a reality. Even if a career as a doctor seems out of reach today, you might be interested in finding a fulfilling job in the healthcare industry. Read more.
 EducationDive: 3 Reasons Why a Degree Isn't Always Worth It

The encouragement of a college education begins as early as middle school. Eighth graders take the PSAT to be evaluated for college readiness, to see scholarship opportunities and to prepare for taking the SAT. College Board even hosts college information nights at middle schools to share tips for improving PSAT and SAT scores prior to the junior year of high school. Read more.

Entrepreneur: There's a Skilled Labor Shortage, Can We Fix It?

Back in Vinnie Sposari's day, plumbing was considered a good, honest living. Before shop classes started disappearing from high schools and four-year college was championed as the only respectable career path, Sposari could put a classified ad in Sunday's paper and have six or eight resumes on his desk by Monday. Good resumes, too. But those days have gone the way of print newspapers. Read More.
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